Choose the right floor for each room in your house

Choose the right floor for each room in your house

Since different rooms have different functions, it is sensible to match the floor to the room. What do you have to consider?

Firstly, consider how the room is used: is the floor exposed to lots of wear and tear? People often bring debris into the hall with them and it is subjected to heavy footfall. In the kitchen, people often spill liquids and drop sharp knives, crockery and glass, while bedroom and living room floors receive gentler treatment.

Laminate or vinyl provide hard-wearing flooring

For rooms that require harder wearing floors, laminate or vinyl flooring is a good choice. Both of these types of flooring have coatings that are resistant to wear and tear, scratches and impact, and are also water-resistant and last for many years. The flooring is easy to lay yourself, and if a board does get damaged, you can easily replace it without having to replace the whole floor. Laminate and vinyl flooring are available in many different décor layers which reflect natural materials such as wood or stone, as well as trendy materials such as concrete or cement.

Wood gives a natural feel

In rooms where the floor is exposed to less wear and tear, you can opt for wood parquet flooring. Wood creates a natural, warm feeling in a room, and parquet flooring is available in different types of wood with a variety of bevelled edges, textures, coatings and patterns. You can also lay underfloor heating beneath a parquet floor, which is not recommended for solid wood flooring.

  • The room’s function is an important factor: how will the room be used?
  • Laminate and vinyl flooring are extra hard-wearing
  • Parquet flooring is suitable for rooms that are exposed to less wear and tear
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