Are you thinking about sanding a wood floor?

Are you thinking about sanding a wood floor?

When wood flooring starts to become worn, you can either sand it yourself or contact a craftsman who can do it for you. It is not easy to sand a wood floor yourself, but it is possible if you are careful.

If you decide to sand your floor yourself, you can hire sanding machines in different sizes. Tell the supplier what type of floor you have to get advice on what sort of machine and what kind of sandpaper you should start with.

Sanding parquet and wood flooring

It is possible to sand parquet as well as solid wood flooring, but they require slightly different techniques.

One rule is to always sand along the length of the wood, but this does not apply to patterned parquet floors: in that case, you should follow the pattern as far as possible. Herringbone parquet is therefore sanded diagonally, while a longitudinal checked pattern is sanded along the length.

If the floor is extremely worn or broken and uneven, it is also a good idea to sand it diagonally using coarse sandpaper and then along the grain using finer sandpaper.

Always keep the sanding machine moving

Remember to always keep the machine moving once you start to avoid dents and drum marks, which can be difficult to remove. When you reach the wall, you must always lift up the sandpaper before turning it.

Count on the job taking a couple of days

The floor needs to be sanded several times with fine sandpaper, so count on it taking a couple of days – depending, of course, on how worn it is. A skilled craftsman can finish sanding a normal sized room in a day, and the difference in price is not that great compared to doing the sanding yourself if you consider the cost of large quantities of sandpaper, in addition to machine hire, which is rather expensive.

  • When hiring a sanding machine, ask for advice about the machine as well as sandpaper
  • Parquet and solid wood flooring can be sanded
  • Always keep the machine moving
  • The difference in price between doing the sanding yourself and getting a craftsman to help is not necessarily that great
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