Why black flooring is an excellent choice


Be bold, choose black

A black wood floor might not be the first option that comes to mind. But, think for a moment about the associations of the colour black, such as style, luxury, elegance and mystery. Combine this with the value, warmth and authenticity that wood adds, and you just might want nothing else.

"Black is a very trendy colour today: we see this timeless, elegant colour in both fashion and interior design. Black gives the room a luxurious feeling – black is a real statement!" says Oke Nollet, Design Director at Pergo.

Black, a space creator

There are researchers who say that black on flooring, for example, is perceived as stable and does not attract too much unnecessary attention from the rest of the furnishings. One often wants to furnish a room where rugs and furniture are the focus – which is difficult with a floor that not only asserts its own, but also takes over. With a dark floor, the gaze is often concentrated on the floor without the floor becoming dominant – instead, the floor helps the furniture become more prominent.

"A common misperception is that a black floor makes the room feel smaller than it is – but that's not true! The combination of a black floor and light, neutral colours can offer a wonderful contrast and even open a room up," explains Oke Nollet.

Black flooring options

How about a mysterious and classy black wood floor for your own interior? Real wood is an unsurpassable classic, but today’s maintenance-friendly laminate and vinyl floors provide very economical alternatives.

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Why you'll love black flooring...

Pergo black flooring

Stacks of choice 

Black laminate or vinyl, there’s a perfect floor for every room, style and budget in the Pergo range. All three materials come in ample colours, patterns and finishing options.


Pergo black flooring, durability

Different quality levels

With Pergo’s TitanX™ technology on laminate flooring, you equip your living spaces with worry-free durability. With different quality levels for every series, we make sure you’ll find a floor that fits your project and lifestyle.


Pergo black flooring, easy to install

Smooth and simple

No tools needed: a simple click is enough to rapidly install your panels. Our patented PerfectFold™ click system makes installing your Pergo floor quick and easy. Flooring with Pergo is fun: all you need is minimal effort and some happy background tunes.


Pergo black flooring, accessorise


You will want to finish your floor with our flooring frills once you have discovered our extensive range of skirting boards, profiles and mouldings.


Pergo black flooring, long term warranty

Long term warranty

Installing a Pergo floor is equal to laying a foundation for long-term peace of mind. So, worry no more: all our Pergo floors come with a warranty of at least 20 years.



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