Choose hard-wearing plastic flooring for your room

Choose hard-wearing plastic flooring for your room

Certain rooms require a more hard-wearing floor than others. The hall and kitchen are examples of rooms where the floor is exposed to more wear and tear than the bedroom, and then it is worth considering your choice of flooring more carefully. Plastic flooring may sound a little old-fashioned, but modern plastic floors are a lot more fun than you think.

Vinyl flooring is a modern type of plastic flooring for your room

Vinyl is Pergo’s modern version of plastic flooring and it consists of planks that you can easily lay yourself thanks to the patented click system PerfectFold™ V click. It is available in many different décor layers which reflect nature in the smallest detail.

Vinyl planks have several layers

Vinyl planks are made of five layers: the bottom layer is an extremely impact-resistant vinyl layer; then there is an extra stabilising layer with fibreglass, and on top of that, there is a very strong and impact-resistant vinyl core. After that, there is a detailed décor layer with crystal clear images of different types of wood, or varieties of stone, concrete or cement, for example, on top of which is the TitanV™ coating that protects against scratches, stains and wear and tear.

Durable and hard-wearing flooring

The hard-wearing coating can handle scratches and impact as well as other wear and tear from chairs with castors and high heels. In combination with the compact support material, the fact that the floor is constructed from several layers gives it high resistance to impact and imprints and protects it from damage.

The coating is so dense that dirt and moisture cannot penetrate it or get into the joints, which are also completely sealed. This makes the floor easy to clean without advanced cleaning agents, so it is environmentally friendly and lasts longer.

Two quality levels

All Pergo vinyl floors are available in two different quality levels: Premium and Optimum. Premium floors are particularly suitable for homes and are easy to lay yourself. Optimum floors, which have to be glued down, are available for extra durability, for example for professional use.

  • Vinyl is a modern version of plastic flooring
  • Vinyl planks consist of layers which provide extra durability
  • The coating makes the floor dirt and moisture-resistant
  • The floors are available in two different quality levels

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