Choose vinyl flooring instead of linoleum

Choose vinyl flooring instead of linoleum

The old natural material, linoleum, has come into fashion again after a long period in obscurity. But what is actually the difference between linoleum flooring and vinyl flooring, and which one should you choose?

Material and environment

Linoleum is a chemico-technical material made of natural materials.

As the name suggests, it contains linseed and oil, among other things. It is made from sawdust or cork dust, boiled linseed oil, resin, desiccant and colour pigment.

Pergo vinyl flooring is made of synthetic material with a strong environmental profile. The manufacturing process is energy efficient and minimises waste. The flooring is phthalate-free and has very low VOC emissions (organic solvents) and a long service life. Another advantage is that it can be recycled.


Vinyl flooring is soft and nice to walk on, and also has a sound-absorbing effect on a room. Linoleum flooring is softer than wood and tiles but harder than vinyl. Some vinyl flooring has a layer of springy cork-based linoleum or foam plastic, which can provide some sound absorption.

Durability, moisture-resistance and maintenance

Vinyl flooring is hard-wearing and is also so impenetrable that it can even be used in wet rooms. Pergo’s TitanV coating protects against scratches, impact, imprints, stains and wear and tear, and makes the floor easy to clean. If you need to repair your Pergo vinyl floor, simply replace the broken plank.

Linoleum is scratch-resistant and even has a certain self-healing ability for minor scratches; it is relatively stain-resistant if stains are removed before they have dried, but alkaline substances can discolour the floor. It cannot withstand constant damp, and thus cannot be used in wet areas, but linoleum flooring works well in the kitchen.

Linoleum flooring can emit an unpleasant smell when being mopped.


Vinyl flooring is available in a variety of colours, patterns and textures. Pergo vinyl flooring has a décor layer which reflects natural material such as wood and stone in the smallest detail. Linoleum flooring is available in various colours but always looks like plastic flooring.


You can easily lay a vinyl floor with click system yourself without any prior knowledge or special tools. Pergo's patented click system PerfectFold™ V locks the planks in place, vertically and horizontally, and is the simplest and strongest click system on the market.

Linoleum flooring must be glued firmly to the underlay, which can be difficult to do correctly yourself. 


  • Linoleum is made of natural materials, and vinyl flooring is made of synthetic material manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Vinyl flooring is softer than linoleum.
  • Vinyl flooring is more resistant to stains and moisture than linoleum.
  • Vinyl flooring with our click system is easier to lay yourself than linoleum.

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