Choose vinyl flooring with a click system instead of tiles

Choose vinyl flooring with a click system instead of tiles

When you need a really hard-wearing and watertight floor, vinyl flooring with a click system is a better choice than tiles. Pergo conducted a test in which one of our vinyl floors was subjected to severe stress and it surpassed expectations.

Tiled flooring is watertight and hard-wearing, but it is also hard, slippery and cold. A vinyl floor is soft and comfortable to walk and stand on and also has a sound-absorbing effect.

Vinyl flooring with extraordinary durability

Our vinyl flooring consists of five layers, giving it extraordinary durability and impact resistance.

The bottom layer is an extra impact-resistant vinyl layer; on top is a stabilising layer with fibreglass, and at the centre of the flooring is a strong and impact-resistant vinyl core. On top of that is a décor layer with a variety of natural looks to choose from.

The TitanV™ surface layer protects the surface from scratches, stains and wear and tear.

The surface layer also makes the floor hygienic since its sealed surface prevents dirt and moisture from penetrating the surface and into the joints, thus counteracting bacterial growth.

Vinyl flooring with a click system is easy to lay yourself

The patented PerfectFold™ V click system makes it possible to lock the floor vertically as well as horizontally, so it is easy and quick to lay the floor yourself – you only have to fold it down and click it into place. In addition, all our vinyl flooring is completely phthalate-free and has up to 25 years’ warranty.

Testing vinyl flooring with a click system

To prove the superior durability of vinyl flooring, in 2015 Pergo performed a test in Belgium in which we constructed a half-pipe coated with Pergo Optimum LVT. We then invited a team of skateboarders and BMX cyclists to test it – they were given the green light to try to wear it out as much as possible. They did their best, but no matter how hard they tried, they did not manage to make a single mark on the floor. Watch the video here: []

  • Vinyl flooring has the same advantages as tiled flooring, but none of the disadvantages
  • Pergo vinyl flooring has extraordinary durability
  • Vinyl flooring with a click system is easy to lay yourself
  • A test involving skaters and BMX riders proved the durability of the flooring
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