Colours – keep it to four

Colours – keep it to four

The most important decision you’ll make as a decorator, besides choosing the right floor - laminate, wood, vinyl or any other kind - is selecting the right colours for your home.

Colour is personal and it takes time for people to discover the right “colour universe” for them.

There are no rules when it comes to combining colours, but limiting your palette to a maximum of four colours when decorating a room will make things easier for you. Using more than this may cause your colour composition to vanish, as colours can cancel each other out. Here are three palettes to provide inspiration.

Soft neutrals

Neutral tones are easy to live with. They are timeless, perfect for creating a restful and laidback mood in your home. But neutrals can also be ideal for combining with stronger colours.


Strong vibrants

Use vibrant hues like magenta, electric blue, saffron yellow and burnt red to fill your home with energy. Don’t be afraid to use vibrants on large surfaces such as walls or ceilings, as the colour will take your room to a higher level. Contrast is the key – vibrants “love” Black & White!

Dark inks

Dark, inky hues create intimacy in your home. They can be mysterious or glamorous depending on what kind of accessories you use. In combination with gold or silver, dark inks provide a touch of exclusivity.

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