Convert your home into a rustic dream

Convert your home into a rustic dream

Many of us daydream about that cosy home. A place that is so wonderfully cosy both for our own family and our dinner guests. An environment where not everything needs to be perfect, but nonetheless is just that – just with its way of being. Dreams that fit excellently with a rustic style.

Welcome the blemishes

With the rustic look, the floor should be rustic and may gladly have blemishes and feel untreated. Here, one should invest in a floor with a bit of a rough style. It should preferably be comprised of full-length, wide floor planks that really give a feeling of something strong and genuine. If you want a floor that offers the right feeling, but is also durable and sustainable, there are several alternatives with suitable décors in both vinyl and laminate flooring.

Paint the walls white – don't wallpaper – and it's not wrong to give the walls extra texture. Feel free to combine the white walls in the rustic style with exposed ceiling beams and exposed stone walls. Something available today even if the house doesn't actually have any of it. There are great possibilities – as well as a great range to choose from.

If textiles could speak

In this home, you should use fabric-printed patterns. Think instead beautiful flea market finds or gold pieces from handicrafts like quilts, embroidery, handmade blankets, burlap, linen and henequen. You can also gladly lay a beautiful cowhide on the floor or a sheepskin in the armchair to invite in a natural element.


Just because you have a rustic room, doesn't mean you have to have rustic furniture. Even if you have patchwork quilts and flooring with visible grooves, you can absolutely combine the style with modern furnishing. Sometimes, it may even be preferable so you are not at risk of your home looking like a log cabin in the mountains rather than a modern home. So don't be afraid of having a highly modern kitchen or attractive sofa from the 2000s. If you want to elevate the rustic feeling, you can invest in an attractive open fireplace in stone instead of worn furniture and kitchen cabinets.

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