Different types of oak flooring

Different types of oak flooring

When you hear the words “oak flooring”, the first thing you probably think of is solid oak flooring – but there are other options.

Solid oak flooring has its benefits, but it also has its disadvantages. If you want oak flooring but not in solid wood, you can also choose between oak parquet flooring, oak laminate and even vinyl flooring that looks like oak.

Oak parquet flooring

With the naked eye it is almost impossible to see the difference between a solid oak floor and an oak parquet floor. The fact is that the differences lie beneath the surface.

Pergo parquet flooring is made of 100% wood but consists of several different layers, which reduces the risk of the wood warping, swelling or shrinking. On the bottom, it has a balanced backing made of ecologically certified wood. Above this is an advanced body that absorbs the impact and stress which affect the floor and guarantees its stability. On top of this is a wear layer, which is a carefully selected layer of wood that can be sanded up to two times, on top of which is a protective finish that provides maximum protection and facilitates cleaning. However, once you have sanded the floor, you need to oil or varnish it again to protect the surface.

Oak laminate

If you want an oak floor with superior resistance to wear and tear and scratches, but which retains the feel of wood, you should choose oak laminate flooring.

Pergo laminate flooring consists of a lower stabilising layer, a moisture-resistant HDF body, a crystal clear décor layer and a protective coating which makes the floor resistant to wear and tear, scratches and impact, as well as water. You can also choose between several different surface textures to accentuate the feeling of real wood.

Oak vinyl flooring

Even if you have a room in which it is important to have a water-resistant and hard-wearing floor, there is no need to compromise on looks: you can achieve the warm, soft feeling of a vinyl floor combined with the appearance of oak flooring. Pergo’s Modern plank décor layers have a natural texture which recreates nature in the smallest detail, with the impact resistance, sound absorption and easy maintenance of vinyl.

  • Parquet flooring with engineered wood consists of different layers of wood, which reduces the risk of wood warping, swelling and shrinking.
  • Laminate flooring is extremely hard-wearing and easy to install and can still look like an oak floor.
  • Vinyl flooring is water-resistant, hard-wearing, and available in natural décor layers.
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