Durable flooring

Durable flooring

When you need a hard-wearing floor, choose Pergo laminate or vinyl flooring. Its superior resistance to wear and tear mean it will last for generations.

Durable flooring for generations

Pergo floors have a robust and innovative design and provide durability for generations. Their extreme durability means we can offer the best warranty on the market: we promise our floors will withstand wear and tear, stains and bleaching by the sun for up to 33 years.

AC rating of the durability of laminate flooring

For laminate flooring there is an AC rating that indicates the durability of the laminate. The scale originally comprised five classes: from AC1 to AC5. But the exceptionally high standard of Pergo laminate flooring meant that an even higher class had to be established: AC6, which is now used in commercial environments with extreme wear and tear.

Vinyl flooring with high durability

Pergo vinyl flooring is available in two quality levels, Premium and Optimum. They are both extremely hard-wearing, but Optimum is used in commercial environments where the floors are exposed to extreme wear and tear.

Multiple layers make the floors stable and hard-wearing

Both types of floors are constructed from several layers, which makes them extremely stable and resistant to impact, scratches, wear and tear, and moisture. They are also hygienic because the surface coating is so dense that no dirt can penetrate it. This also makes them easier to clean.

  • Pergo laminate or vinyl flooring is suitable for those who require an extremely hard-wearing floor
  • Pergo laminate flooring has the highest durability rating
  • Our vinyl flooring is available in two quality levels, both with high durability
  • Laminate and vinyl flooring are constructed from several layers, which make the floors stronger
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