Flooring professional or laying the floor yourself?

Flooring professional or laying the floor yourself?

By hiring a floor-layer, the process is usually faster and as a professional, the floor-layer knows how to prepare the base, measure and joint in the best way. But even you as an amateur can lay flooring – both fast and easy.

Click systems make it easy to lay flooring

Today, Pergo's floors are so easy to lay that you can do it yourself by reading the instructions that belong to the respective floor. Regardless of whether you choose wood flooring, laminate or vinyl, the floors are virtually always laid floating. This means that you don't need to screw, nail or glue anything. With Pergo's click technology, you piece together the floor boards or floor plates – and if you want to re-lay a section, you can easily take up the floor again without it breaking.

No advanced tools when laying parquet flooring

If you are going to lay a parquet floor, you can manage with a good saw. For a laminate floor, you can use the same kind of saw, but with a laminate blade or a fine wood blade. For the vinyl floor, a concave knife is enough. In other words, you don't need to learn how to use any complicated tools.

How hard it is depends on the room

If you have a straight and simple room with a good base, laying the floor yourself goes quickly. A room of 25 m2 does not need to take more than a day, even if it is the first time you lay a floor. As parquet, laminate and vinyl are pre-treated, you also don't have to oil or varnish anything, but rather can put in all of the furniture as soon as the floor is in place.

A flooring professional's invaluable know-how

But not all rooms are perfect. Sometimes, a lot of preparation is needed on the base and knowledge of how the actual base can be improved or repaired. It may also involve a room with many angles and niches. Then, a professional floor-layer's know-how can be invaluable. And skirting boards are also something the amateur often has trouble getting perfect. But it is far from impossible. Read the instructions and think about whether you want to do it yourself – if not, there are many skilled floor-layers who know exactly what is necessary and what needs to be done.

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