Forget tiled flooring – Try a Pergo floor instead

Forget tiled flooring – try a Pergo floor instead

Are you thinking about getting tiled flooring in the kitchen or hall because it looks so nice and is easy to keep clean? What would you say if we told you that you could get a floor that looks like tiles, but has even more benefits and none of the disadvantages?

Tiled flooring

If we start with the advantages of tiles: they are resistant to dirt, moisture and heat, and they are durable.

Then we have the disadvantages: they are cold, hard and difficult to install yourself unless you are experienced.


So what are the alternatives?

Pergo has both laminate flooring and vinyl flooring with a décor layer that looks like tile and has the same benefits, but none of the disadvantages.

Laminate flooring

Pergo laminate flooring is extremely hard-wearing and resistant to impact and scratches; it has a moisture-resistant body combined with a strong, tight click joint, high fire resistance, antistatic properties and a smooth surface which prevents bacteria from gathering and flourishing, making it easy to clean and extremely hygienic. The click system also means it is easy to lay yourself.

Vinyl flooring

Just like laminate flooring, our vinyl flooring has superior scratch resistance and durability, and a multi-layered surface that protects against stains and wear and tear. The soft vinyl material also makes the floor quiet and comfortable to walk and stand on for long periods of time. The surface is dirt-repellent, hygienic and easy to clean, and the tight click joints prevent dirt and moisture from penetrating into the floor. Vinyl flooring also has high fire resistance, which is extremely practical, particularly in the kitchen. And, of course, it is also easy to lay yourself.


  • Laminate flooring is resistant to wear and tear, moisture-resistant, hygienic and easy to lay yourself.
  • Vinyl flooring has the same positive properties as laminate flooring, and also feels soft and is quiet to walk on.
  • Tiles are hard-wearing, durable and tough, but can feel cold and hard, and they are difficult to lay yourself.
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