Give your floor a new life, DIY

Give your floor a new life, DIY

Do you have an old floor that you're planning on throwing out? Do you have left over pieces after laying your new floor? Or maybe you've taken up a damaged panel? If so, wait before you drive off to the recycling centre. You can do a lot more with flooring than just walk on it.

Beautiful quotes on a beautiful floor

DYou might be one of the many people who appreciate beautiful quotes and sayings, vibrant words that decorate the wall in the bedroom, living room or the hall? Or if you might want your absolutely favourite recipe on the wall in the kitchen? Then your old flooring is a perfect framing for your words.

Put together a few wood planks. Because they have a click system, it's easy. It's OK if there are a few blemishes – it just makes it even more unique and creates a feeling of a genuine material. Attach for example two nails in the upper corner, attach a string between the nails and then hang up the "picture" just like normal. A string of a natural material may be attractive. You can choose between preserving the floor as it is or painting it with one or more colours. Your imagination is the only limit. Write the text out on paper and cut out the letters – paint or ”dab” in paint. Of course, if you're brave, you can also write free hand.

If you are interested in making a painting from your old flooring, but have neither a quote or recipe on hand, you can play with stencils. Make a figure or design with regular paper. Lay it on your floor painting and paint over the whole area with one or more colours. Remove the paper stencil and the painting is done. It's a basic version of your own home printing press.

When the flooring becomes an attractive table

Would you like to freshen up your coffee table? Let the flooring become your new table top. Glue on the flooring panels and viola, you have a new table. It doesn't have to be hard or take much time. If the flooring has a click system, you can easily attach the planks to each other. Paint them or leave them as they are. Rings from coffee cups and other marks can contribute to a rustic look. Play with patterns and designs – a lot can happen using a saw. Of course, you can make more than a coffee table – pimp up your dinner table, renovate your night stands or give your cupboard a new surface. If you have a floor from Pergo, the furniture will withstand both moisture and stains.

Several creative solutions with old flooring

Of course, there is much more you can do with your old flooring than just paintings and tables. Make an attractive Christmas tree using a saw and a bit of paint (see picture). Put some nice hooks on an old floor panel and use it to hang towels or as a curtain rod. Make an accent wall with floor panels – it can be a striking feature that also makes the room feel warmer and cosier. You can also make beautiful shelves to give your bathroom a cosier touch, for instance.

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