Hard-wearing oak laminate flooring – Choose the right durability with AC ratings

Hard-wearing oak laminate flooring – choose the right durability with AC ratings

Oak laminate is suitable for any purpose and environment. Pergo has different quality levels of oak laminate flooring, which vary in terms of durability and resistance to scratches and impact. The different durability ratings (or AC) are found below.

The reason is that different rooms are exposed to different stresses: a spare room is subject to less wear and tear than a kitchen, which in turn has to cope with much less than the entrance of a main railway station in a major city, for example.

European standard for AC ratings

The European standard for AC ratings of durability starts at 21, which is the level required for bedrooms with light to moderate use (such as spare rooms). For housing, the rating goes up to 23, which must withstand frequently used living rooms, halls and corridors.

For commercial premises, the rating is between 31 and 34: ranging from hotel bedrooms, conference rooms and small offices to classrooms, shops, public corridors and other school environments, and even to large department stores and public premises such as travel centres etc.

Pergo quality levels

Pergo laminate flooring starts at 32. This flooring is intended for housing and the quality level is called Living Expression. Original Excellence is rated 33 and has superior durability for all the challenges of daily life. The highest quality level is Public Extreme, which has extreme durability for demanding public environments, and is rated 34.

Testing oak laminate flooring in a real environment

In November 2014, Pergo conducted a test on Hovedbanegården (Central Station) in Copenhagen, where oak laminate flooring rated 34 was laid in front of the main entrance. During the few days that the floor remained there, more than 500,000 people walked over it, many of them with roller bags, pushchairs and bikes. The result: the floor was almost unaffected by the fact that half a million people had used it.

  • The European AC rating of durability ranges from 21 to 34.
  • Pergo oak laminate flooring starts at 32.
  • A test at Central Station in Copenhagen showed that Pergo’s oak laminate is extremely hard-wearing.
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