High heels versus elephants

High heels versus elephants

If you were forced to choose between having your feet trampled by an adult elephant weighing three tonnes or a 60 kg person in stilettos. Which would you choose?

Most of us would go for the heels. But math says it’s the wrong choice. Although a person in heels weighs about a fiftieth of the weight of a male elephant, the elephant would cause less damage.

Heels leave marks on wood floors

The fact is that an elephant’s weight is spread across large, flat feet of about 250 cm2. This means that no single point under the foot bears an extreme amount of weight, even if the whole surface is under a lot of pressure.

However, a stiletto heel focuses all of the wearer’s weight through the heel on about 0.25 cm2, which puts the extremely small surface beneath the heel under enormous pressure.

If you managed to squeeze an elephant into your living room with wood flooring (which we do not recommend you do), there would be no marks on your floor. If you let in a woman, or a man for that matter, who is wearing stilettos, and let her walk all over the room, there is a relatively high risk that there will be a large number of small heel dents.

There is a solution

Luckily, solutions are available for those of you who like high heels – Pergo laminate flooring with its patented surface treatment, TitanX™, has a unique multi-layered structure and a dense body, which provides high impact resistance if you wear high heels or accidentally drop something. It is the best multi-layered treatment on the market and provides durability which is far above normal standards even for commercial environments.

Pergo vinyl flooring has a TitanV™ multi-layered surface, which in combination with the compact substrate, gives the floor high resistance to impact and imprints, protecting the floor from damage. Vinyl flooring also reduces impact sound and is soft and comfortable to walk on. So now you can kick up your heels – or the floor!

  • High heels subject floors to a lot of pressure on a small surface
  • Pergo laminate flooring has a coating that provides extremely high impact resistance
  • Pergo vinyl flooring is soft, sound reducing and can also withstand a lot of stress
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