How to clean your floor?

How to clean your floor?

Do you have vinyl flooring, laminate flooring or wood flooring? You might think that it is time to clean the floor and have brought out the scrubbing brushes, knee pads and soap? If so, you are about to make a mistake. Immediately put it all away and read this first.

The art of cleaning floors

Unfortunately, you cannot scrub floors on your knees like your great grandmother or skate around on two scrubbing brushes like Pippi Longstocking. As consolation, you should know that there is a much faster way to get shiny, clean floors. By cleaning your floor in the right way, you get both a better result and a floor that lives longer.

How to clean a wood floor

A wood parquet floor can readily be cleaned every week. Begin by vacuuming the wood floor with a soft nozzle or dry mop so that all dirt and dust vanish. Then wipe the floor with warm water and Pergo All round Floor Cleaner, a cleanser that removes all dirt without leaving a coat on the floor. If you use the wrong kind of cleanser, the floor can be damaged.

Oiled flooring should be treated with Pergo Maintenance Oil once a month. A few times a year or as necessary, you should also treat your floor to a treatment with a deep-acting oil that gives the floor nutrients, such as Pergo Deep oil care.

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How to clean a laminate floor

Just like with wood flooring, it is good to vacuum, dry mop or sweep the laminate floor continuously. To remove spills and stains, you should wipe the floor with a microfibre rag moistened with Pergo All round Cleaner, which is intended for laminate flooring. Always be careful not to overdose the cleanser. Also never use dish washing detergent in any form or soap, and never scrub with steel wool or another abrasive material since this can damage the surface and appearance of the floor.

Some stains are harder to remove than others. For example, if you happen to spill nail polish or ink on your laminate floor, you should clean it with acetone, household solvent or petrol.

Some surfaces with textures demand special treatment. Dirt sticks more easily to matt surfaces – so they need to be cleaned more often. On glossy surfaces, water marks sometimes occur so always dry with a dry mop efter wet cleaning. Laminate flooring that has bevelled edges shall also always be wiped dry so that water does not gather in the edges.

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How to clean a vinyl floor

Vinyl floors never need to be surface treated and they are easily cleaned with a brush, vacuum or floor mop. Use Pergo Vinyl floor cleaner that protects the TitanV™ surface layer for cleaning. Never use corrosive, polishing or abrasive cleansers and soap or any agent containing oil or wax. Do not use too much water when you wet mop the vinyl floor and do not leave water puddles.

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