How to protect your floor

How to protect your floor

You pour the first cup of coffee of the day. A few drops land on the floor. You don't notice anything and sit at the breakfast table.

Your children eat breakfast with their whole faces and you're happy they have a good appetite. The fact that half of it ends up on the floor is nothing you have the strength to bring up – it's Monday.

Jackets on – time to go. The computer bag is still in the office. There's no time to take off your shoes. Instead, you jump with large bounds towards the room. Your kids run after with their sandy daycare shoes on.

Daily life isn't always easy on the floor

That's how it is and that's how it will always be. Whether you live alone, with your family or pets. High heels, the office chair's wheels and chairs dragged back and forth at the dinner table – it takes its toll. Many push their baby carriage into the house or apartment and it's common for small stones to stick in the tyres. Then there's a risk of marks.

Of course, there are a few things you can think about to minimise wear. Have a habit of picking things and furniture up instead of dragging them. Put furniture guards on the furniture and regularly clean so that gravel and the like doesn't scratch the floor. Treat the floor according to recommendations. And above all – buy flooring that can handle the challenges of daily life.

Pergo's flooring withstands daily life

Floors from Pergo are incredibly durable. Thanks to Pergo's patented Titan X surface treatments, you can get a lifetime warranty on your laminate floor. It guarantees that the surface treatment can withstand wear, stains and bleaching from sunlight for up to 50 years.

A parquet floor is more sensitive than laminate, but here too, Pergo has created a very durable floor thanks to the smart design and surface treatment. With its seven layers of UV-hardened water-based varnish or oil, the floor has a maximal protection and becomes easy to clean.

Pergo's vinyl flooring is surface treated with the new wearing layer TitanV that protects effectively against stains and scratches. TitanV is dirt-resistant and the click joint's tight design prevents dirt from penetrating down into the joints. Monday morning's mishaps are therefore not something that you need to worry about – the floor will withstand many breakfasts without problem.

In other words, you can feel secure knowing that your floor from Pergo will last a long time. For both daily life and festivities.

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