Is a cheap laminate floor as good as an expensive one?

Is a cheap laminate floor as good as an expensive one?

When you need to replace a floor it can be tempting to choose a cheap laminate floor instead of an expensive one. But is it really cheaper in the long term?

Of course, laying a floor can entail a considerable cost – laminate flooring is available in all sorts of price ranges. However, when making this decision you should not only consider price, but also quality, durability and environmental friendliness, because these factors also affect the total cost in the long term.

Superior quality and durability

If you choose a laminate floor from Pergo instead of a cheap laminate floor from one of the larger DIY chains, you will get superior quality and durability in the vast majority of cases. The patented TitanX™ coating protects against wear and tear, scratches and impact, and both the floor surface and the bevelling between the planks are water-resistant. All our laminate floors are easy to lay yourself without previous knowledge or special tools, and if any of the planks get damaged, they can be easily replaced.

Better for the environment than cheap laminate flooring

In addition, we have an environmental policy that includes everything from the choice of raw materials and production processes to transport and packaging. We only use renewable types of wood, such as pine and spruce, and never threatened types of wood from rainforests. Our products are made of 80% waste products from the forestry industry and we were the first floor manufacturer to be awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, so you don’t need to worry about toxic glue or other substances leaking from your floor.

Best warranty on the market

But how can you be sure that it really is a better floor? Well, to give substance to our words, we give you the best warranty on the market for your floor. The extreme durability of our laminate flooring means we can guarantee it will withstand wear and tear, stains and bleaching by the sun for up to 33 years. We therefore guarantee that you will not need to replace your floor for many years to come – unless your taste changes, of course!

  • A cheap laminate floor can be more expensive in the long term
  • Pergo laminate flooring has superior quality and durability
  • High-quality laminate flooring is better for the environment
  • Pergo has the best warranty on the market
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