Kitchens are not what they used to be

Kitchens are not what they used to be

The wood designs of Pergo Sensation are water resistant and ideal for kitchens

»Today no one thinks about the kitchen as a room behind the scenes, but that’s exactly what it was just a few decades ago. The idea of bringing guests into the kitchen – or even allowing them in there – was unthinkable. Luckily, those days are gone. And if you live in an old house, re-inventing the kitchen might be easier than you think.

Make the kitchen a part of your home. Before the kitchen was a functional area, and looked like one. Exposure to water meant the flooring was tiles or linoleum, materials that had no connection to the rest of the home. But today, with the new water-resistant floors that are available, we don’t have to limit ourselves. If you want to keep the same wooden look on all the floors of your home, you can.«

Outside in

»Pot plants are a great way of adding colour to your home and give it an organic touch. But why not borrow some of the greenery outside as well? Connect the outdoors and the indoors of your house with big windows. It’s decorative as well as a great way to let light in.

Maximise minimalism. Black and white are popular choices for interiors these days, and it can make for a graphic simplicity and stylishness. If you let it, it can become a sterile one but there’s no need to worry about that. The simplicity of black and white also means that room becomes easy to work with. Keep it simple and limit the interior to a few complimentary colours. Why not let metal be one? The combination of black, white and stainless steel also fits very well with many kitchen appliances. And a few plants will lend a comfortable calm to the whole kitchen.«

Åsa Dyberg
interior architect, designer and stylist

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