Laminate vs wood – All you need to know

Laminate vs. wood – all you need to know

What is the difference between laminate and wood flooring? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of five different aspects.

Technical properties:

There are two types of wood flooring: solid hardwood flooring (whole planks of wood) and engineered hardwood flooring (several layers of wood combined to increase durability and stability and reduce the risk of swelling and shrinking due to variations in temperature and humidity).

Laminate flooring consists of several layers fused together in a lamination process. It has a coating that is reinforced with aluminium oxide, an inner core of wood fibreboard and a decorative layer of paper. This paper determines the look of your floor. Most laminate floors have wood designs, but you will find concrete, tiles and even more frivolous designs.


The price of wood flooring varies depending on the type of wood – the more exotic the wood, the more expensive it is. However, wood flooring has an extremely long service life if it is well maintained.

Laminate flooring has a core of HDF (compressed wood) which is a lot cheaper than solid wood. Both Pergo laminate flooring and wood flooring you can easily install yourself thanks to the patented PerfectFold click system.


Pergo laminate flooring is highly resistant to scratches, pressure, impact, dirt, liquids, sunlight and heat and comes with a lifetime guarantee in most cases.

Wood flooring is softer than laminate and a bit more susceptible to scratches, impact, spillages and sunlight. However wood has a natural charm that’s hard to resist. Pergo wood flooring is prefinished with 7 layers of lacquer or 3 layers of oil to ensure maximum protection.


Both wood and laminate flooring contain real wood. And wood doesn’t do very well with water. With Sensation we developed a laminate floor that combines a moisture-resistant body with a strong, dense click joint locking system and a coating that makes the planks and the bevel between them more water-resistant than ever before.

This means that laminate flooring is suitable for every room, including the kitchen and bathroom. Wood is an organic material that reacts to fluctuations in humidity and is less suitable for the kitchen or bathroom.


A wood floor requires maintenance to preserve its beauty. In addition to ordinary cleaning, it should also be treated regularly with the manufacturer’s cleaning products and oiled wood floors need to be treated with maintenance oil. 

Laminate flooring is surface-treated, so it is difficult for dirt to take hold. Regular vacuum cleaning and mopping go a long way, but to maintain its beautiful appearance we recommend you regularly use Pergo’s cleaning products.

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