It's this easy to lay a new parquet floor

It's this easy to lay a new parquet floor

There are few things in the home that feel as luxurious and make as big of an improvement as a completely new wood floor. Your choice of wood, colour and length of the floor planks affects how the room feels. Rustic long floor planks, classic oak parquet or a light ash parquet ... There are many choices – but the approach to laying the parquet floor is the same.

Easy as pie to lay parquet flooring

Floors used to be glued, nailed or screwed together. It was a risky project – mistakes could rarely be corrected. A plank would crack and the chances of moving floor boards were virtually non-existent. Used floor boards were used. It was also hard, almost impossible, for a regular layperson to lay an entire floor on his or her own. But development has made progress. There is still preparation, but you can easily lay the floor yourself.

Before you begin laying your floor

First and foremost, your wood floor has to have the chance to get acclimated. So let the parquet lie at least 48 hours in its packaging indoors, on a level surface, before you continue.

The base – known as the sub-floor – should be clean and whole. Using a 1-metre long strip, you can check that no unevenness exceeds 2 mm, and that there are no peaks that can cause problems. Even out the irregularities, sand the peaks and make sure chipboard and the like is sitting as it should. Then, it's time to vacuum.

Now that the sub-floor is in great shape, you lay a liner. It helps with the sound insulation, prevents creaking floors and removes the last of the unevennesses. Also check if you need to lay a moisture barrier – which should always be there if floor heating is installed.

Measure, saw and click your parquet floor

Now, you can measure and plan how to lay your parquet floor. The floor planks are recommended to be laid in parallel with incident light or the length of the room.

Then you can begin laying your floor. With Pergos PerfectFold™ 3.0, the planks can be angled down, pushed down or pushed together. .

For detailed instructions and manuals – read more here.

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