It's this easy to lay a new laminate floor

It's this easy to lay a new laminate floor

Laying a laminate floor is like putting together an attractive puzzle – with the advantage that all of the pieces fit together. With just a few clicks, you can convert an uninspiring kitchen into a fresh centre piece with a laminate floor of white pine. You also don't need to hire a craftsmen – Follow the instructions and become your own floor-layer.

When the laminate floor moves in

Even if it is easy to lay flooring, there is naturally a bit to keep track of. Some instructions may seem obvious, while others are things that the first-time floor-layer might not have thought of. Like the flooring needing to become acclimated for two days before you lay it, for instance.

Laminate flooring mainly consists of natural wood that expands and shrinks a bit with the humidity. If you lay the floor before it has had time to get acclimated, there is a risk that it expands after you have laid it - it is most often warmer at home than in the store - which simply makes it too tight for the floor boards.

This is why you should always let your laminate flooring rest in the room – in its packaging – for at least 48 hours before you begin laying the floor.

For laminate flooring in particular, it is a matter of small differences between humid and dry, but a few millimetres of space between floor and wall are nonetheless important. Then you can feel certain in both wet and dry. Use a distance block in the installation kit.

Your sub-floor is the foundation of a good floor

If you are renovating, you have probably heard more than once that the ground work is important to the result. Naturally, this is also the case when laying a laminate floor. Begin by checking if there is any unevenness by laying a straight strip against the floor. Even out by sanding or filling. One it is ready and the filler is dry, it's time to vacuum. Lay down a liner than helps dampen noise and even out minor irregularities in the sub-floor. Remember to also lay a moisture barrier if you are installing floor heating or if the sub-floor has a high moisture content.

Measure, saw and click the laminate floor

Now the fun begins. Measure the room and plan how the laminate flooring should lie. Keep the following in mind to keep the flooring from chipping when you saw: if you are using a panel saw, simply let the patter side be turned upwards and if you are using a fretsaw, turn the pattern side down. Then, assemble the floor boards with a “click”.

For detailed instructions and manuals – read more here.

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