It's this easy to lay a new vinyl floor

Now, it might be time to replace the cork mat that has been in the kitchen since the last century. Put in a beautiful vinyl floor instead – you know, one of those truly carefree floors.

Preparation lays the important foundation

Today, laying a Pergo vinyl floor is easy as pie. With our click system, neither nails or glue are needed. You simply click the planks together. If you have a perfect base to lay the vinyl floor on, you will be done in no time. However, if you have a base with many irregularities, you need to devote some energy to the preparation.

Clean and level base important

Just like for other flooring, it is important that the base is even when you lay your vinyl floor. All joints that are deeper than 1 mm over a length of 20 cm must be evened out. The same applies for unevennesses greater than 2 mm over a length of 1 m. There is vinyl lining that is both insulating and noise-dampening and makes the base more even. With a clean and level base, it is easy to put the vinyl floor into place and get it to lie firmly year after year.

Even vinyl can expand

You have surely heard that wood flooring needs to get acclimated before it is laid. The same thing is true of vinyl flooring. Let the flooring rest in its packaging for 48 hours before you begin laying it. Then it has had time to adapt to the climate in your room. Also give the vinyl flooring an expansion space of 2 mm between the floor and wall.

Click! You easily click the vinyl planks together

After you have planned how the vinyl floor will lie, it is time to lay it. If you need to cut the vinyl flooring for the fitting, it is best done with a concave knife.

Then you easily click the vinyl planks together. Thanks to Pergo's patented PerfectFold™ system, it is not harder than putting together a puzzle. The click joint locks the flooring both vertically and horizontally, which provides a unique stability. In addition, the click system makes installation easier and faster than with any other vinyl flooring on the market. When you hear the click, you know the planks are joined together.

For detailed instructions and manuals – read more here.

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