Laying plastic or vinyl flooring with a click system

17 July 2017

Laying plastic flooring doesn’t have to be complicated. But some plastic floors are easier to lay yourself than others: Pergo’s vinyl flooring with click system.

Wall-to-wall plastic flooring that covers the floor in a single piece offers some benefits; for example, it is water-resistant and has no joints where dirt can gather. However, it can still be quite difficult to struggle with a large piece of flooring that has to be rolled out just right.

Easier to lay vinyl than plastic flooring

Pergo’s vinyl flooring has the same benefits as plastic flooring without any of the disadvantages: thanks to the simple PerfectFold™ V click system, you lay one plank at a time, and they lock horizontally as well as vertically to make laying the floor as quick and easy as possible.

But what about the joints? Don’t worry. Pergo’s vinyl flooring has click joints that are so strong and tight that no dirt can penetrate them and cause bacterial growth.

Do it again until you get it right

Just make sure the sub-floor on which you are going to lay your new flooring is even, clean and dry. You can lay the floor on most types of load-bearing floors, but not on fitted carpets or other types of carpeting. For extra sound absorption and insulation, you can lay an interlayer beneath the click floor.

You don’t need any special tools to lay the floor; you just have to click the boards together. If something goes wrong, it is easy to loosen the plank and relay it until you get it right.

  • It is easier to lay vinyl flooring with a click system than to lay plastic flooring
  • The joints in vinyl flooring are so tight that no dirt can penetrate them
  • You don’t need any tools and can easily relay it until you get it right

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