Linoleum tiles or vinyl flooring with a click system?

Linoleum tiles or vinyl flooring with a click system?

When you are looking for a moisture-resistant, durable and easy-to-clean plastic floor that is easy to lay yourself, which one should you choose – vinyl flooring with a click system or linoleum tiles?

Scratch and stain-resistance of vinyl flooring and linoleum tiles

Pergo’s vinyl flooring with a click system is soft and comfortable to walk on; it is hard-wearing and so water-resistant that it can be used in wet rooms. The TitanV™ coating is so dense that dirt and moisture cannot penetrate the surface, so stains can easily be removed and bacteria cannot hide and grow.

Linoleum flooring is softer than wood flooring or tiles, for example, but not as soft as vinyl flooring. Linoleum is scratch-resistant and can withstand some stains, but stains that are not quickly removed can creep down below the surface and are impossible to remove. Alkaline substances can also discolour the floor, and linoleum can emit an unpleasant smell when it is mopped.

Laying vinyl flooring or linoleum tiles yourself

Pergo’s patented PerfectFold™V click system makes it simple and easy to lay vinyl flooring yourself without previous knowledge or special tools. The planks are locked in place horizontally and vertically using the strongest, simplest click system on the market.

Older linoleum flooring has to be glued down, which is not easy to do yourself. Modern linoleum tiles are available as click flooring, but these do not usually consist of linoleum alone.

  • Vinyl flooring is softer than linoleum tiles
  • Linoleum flooring does not withstand stains as well as vinyl flooring
  • Vinyl flooring with a click system is easier to lay yourself than linoleum tiles
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