Convert your home to a maritime oasis and decorate in a New England style

Convert your home to a maritime oasis and decorate in a New England style

The interior design style comes from the area known as New England on the American east coast. In the U.S., it's known as the Hampton style. To summarise the style with a few basic words, one can say that it invites the sea into the home. It's a clean and simple style that has become incredibly popular in recent years.

Light with a touch of the sea

New England combines the light with the dark. To get the right feeling, you should invest in light walls and textiles. The furniture can be light or dark. The floor should preferably be a dark plank floor. Think full-length, wide planks. White floors in the same style also work. The feeling you create should flirt both with the maritime and the old colonial style – it should feel rustic.

The details create the whole

The colours and materials you choose for textiles affect the overall feeling. The fabrics you use should be reminiscent of a maritime feeling. The carpets can, for instance, be sisal with beige natural colours to remind of the beach and sand. But a white carpet with broad blue stripes can also provide the right boat feeling.

Invest in furniture of dark wood, rattan or brown leather. Rattan armchairs are an excellent choice. The sofa can gladly be made of leather or fabric. If you choose fabric, invest in a white or blue striped fabric. Scatter cushions should also be in white and blue stripes. The American star can also be included on pillows, throw rugs and door mats.

Brass is a perfect material for interior details – it can be a detail on some furniture or you can put out a beautiful candlestick in brass. To reinforce the style, you can decorate with items reminiscent of the sea and boats. Put a beautiful compass on the shelf, lay out the atlas on the coffee table and let the binoculars be seen.

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