Match floor and tiles for radiant results

10 July 2017

Can you put tiles on the floor? Yes, but you must make sure to use floor tiles: floor tiles, like wall tiles, are ceramics made of clay, but while wall tiles are dry-pressed and fired at about 1,000°C, floor tiles are extruded, have a higher density and are fired at 1,200-1,400°C. Floor tiles are therefore more durable and better suited for floors.

However, if you have found wall tiles that you really like, you can easily combine them with floor tiles or with laminate or vinyl flooring with a décor layer that looks like tiles.

Alternative to floor tiles

Floor tiles are available in a great variety of beautiful patterns, but the disadvantage is that they can feel hard, cold and slippery to walk on. Laminate or vinyl flooring with a décor layer that looks like tiles is therefore a good alternative to floor tiles. Laminate and vinyl flooring are extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear, although they should not be used in wet rooms with floor drains. However, they are an excellent choice for kitchens, halls and bathrooms without floor drains.

Matching the floor to the tiles

There is no hard and fast rule that says the floor must have a tile pattern to match the tiles. Choose a colour, pattern or texture from your tiles and repeat it in the floor to give the room a sense of cohesion. Laminate and vinyl flooring are available in many different patterns, colours and textures, so finding something that matches is easy.

Pergo Infographic Match floor and tiles

  • Make sure to choose floor grade tiles for floors
  • Laminate and vinyl flooring are available with a décor layer that looks like tiles
  • Choose a detail from your tiles to match the floor

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