Match the skirting strip with your floor

Match the skirting strip with your floor

You can lay a new floor in one day. But strangely enough, it can take years before the skirting strips are in place. It is not uncommon for somebody renovating to say “now we're done – except the skirting of course…”.

But a fresh, new floor deserves an attractive finish. Without skirting strips, the room can look unfinished. It is better to install the skirting right away, either yourself or with the help of a professional who can do it in no time. Skirting strips – or skirting boards as they are also known – can have a major impact on the perceived end results.

The skirting boards are so much more than a way to hide gaps between the floor and the wall, and there are many alternatives. Choose between broad or narrow skirting for a classic or contemporary touch and different colours depending on what effect you are looking for.

Skirting sets the style

Skirting strips can amplify your home's style. You can choose a clean and simple design for a contemporary look. If you want to give your home a classic style, you can invest in skirting boards with lathed patterns inspired by the 1800s. Match the skirting boards with the door trim and create a beautiful whole.

Narrow or wide skirting boards?

Narrow skirting variants can make the room look less expensive, while wide and lathed skirting boards provide a more exclusive feel. White walls and skirting can strengthen the feeling of an airy room. Painting the skirting the same colour as the walls helps extend the walls. If you choose dark skirting boards, they will draw the eyes to the floor. Dark skirting can also create an elegant effect, which can be very attractive in a hallway, for instance.

Pergo's skirting boards with click function

The skirting boards from Pergo are designed with click systems. That makes them easy to install. You can also conceal cables behind the skirting – in milled ducts – which gives the room a clean look.

Match the colours of the floor and skirting

You can match the colours of all skirting with your Pergo Flooring, regardless of what material you choose. Or if you prefer traditional white skirting. Take a look at Pergo's assortment:

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