Match the floor with the tiles in your kitchen

15 July 2017

Once you’ve found the perfect tiles for your kitchen, your room will look even better if you match them with the floor.

Laminate and vinyl flooring are particularly suited to kitchens. They are hard-wearing and durable, water-resistant, easy to clean and hygienic. They can also withstand most things they are exposed to in the kitchen, such as spills and sharp knives, and dropped glass or crockery.

Laminate and vinyl flooring are available in a variety of décor layers

Another advantage of both these types of flooring is that they are available in numerous décor layers, which make it easy to match the floor with the kitchen tiles. Both laminate and vinyl flooring consist of several layers. Underneath the transparent, scratch-resistant surface layer is a décor layer. In principle, the décor layer can look like any material, for example wood, stone, cement, concrete or tiles.

Pick out details from the tiles

Have you found kitchen tiles that you are extremely pleased with? In that case, your room will look even better if you choose a floor that matches the tiles. Matching doesn't mean they have to look identical – it can be sufficient to pick out a colour, pattern or texture in the tiles. Both vinyl and laminate flooring are available with a variety of surfaces, textures and gloss levels.

  • Laminate and vinyl flooring are suited to kitchens
  • Both types of flooring are available in a variety of décor layers which can be matched to the kitchen tiles
  • Pick out a detail in the tiles and find a floor that repeats it
  • Flooring is available with various surfaces and textures

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