Match the wallpaper with the floor and influence the personality of the room

Match the wallpaper with the floor and influence the personality of the room

When you renovate a whole room, there are always significantly more decisions to be made than what you first thought. Where should all of the wall sockets sit, what flooring should you choose, what mouldings should you have and how should you furnish it … Something that usually comes up early in the discussion is the choice of wallpapers or colour on the walls. Just like with flooring, it can take a while to decide – because you don't want to have to repaint or rewallpaper the room in the next few years.

Colours make the room

By choosing one specific colour instead of another, you can make a small room either larger or smaller than it already is. Even if it's the same surface as before, our perception of the room changes. You can also get a room to feel narrower, warmer, colder, deeper or longer just by playing with the choice of colour on the floors, walls and ceiling.

The basic rule is somewhat simple. Light colours make the room larger, while dark colours make it smaller. When it concerns flooring, you could say that a light floor creates a more airy room that feels larger. It also provides a clean and timeless feeling. Dark floors are perfect for creating a contrast to light walls. Too many dark colours can, however, have a gloomy effect. If you stick to a dark floor combined with light walls and a light ceiling, the room will feel larger both in width and height. If instead you choose to have both a dark floor and dark ceiling, the room will still feel wider, but the ceiling height will seem lower. Likewise, a dark accent wall at the end of the room can give the feeling that the room is smaller than it actually is.

Light walls provide room for colour

If you want to make it easy for yourself, paint or wallpaper the walls in light colours. It will make your room grow considerably if you lay a light or dark floor. It also helps in the furnishing of the room. With single-coloured and light walls, the room to play with the fabrics and patterns of the furniture will be considerably larger.

There are no rules without exceptions, though. A room does not of course have to be perceived as big – even a small and dark room can be cosy.

match the floor with the wallpaper

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