Mix it up!

08 June 2016

Some things never go out of style – because they don’t have to

»Here’s an interior we found in a house from the 60s where much of the original furnishing is preserved. And it’s a wonderful example of how you can reinvigorate an old house and make it feel contemporary without replacing everything.

Most teak design classics from the 60s can feel just as modern today just by adding a few pillows or by putting a modern brass tray on the table. But to really bring them to life you need to give them a framework that allows the colour of the furniture to really come out. And that’s where the floor plays a big part. Choosing a light wooden look not only puts focus on the design of the furniture, it also makes maximum use of the natural light from the large windows. As a result, the whole room feels light and inviting.«

Play around with textures and materials

»Don’t just use your eyes to design – home decoration is about appealing to all senses. Mixing materials makes your home feel organic and alive. And it doesn’t have to be difficult. If you have a minimalist leather sofa, put the brightest, smoothest pillow you can find in it. The contrast will boost the feeling and the look of both.«

Åsa Dyberg
interior architect, designer and stylist

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