Oak is the first choice for parquet and whisky

Oak is the first choice for parquet and whisky

How is it that the same kind of wood is used to age wine and whisky, and to make the most popular floors? The explanation lies in both tradition and function.

Oak has been the kind of wood that makers of wine and whisky have preferred to use to store their noble beverages for 2,000 years. It is now even written in Scottish law that there must be oak in the barrels in order to call the drink whisky. And since oak gives so much taste to wine, in some places in the world, they have begun storing the wine in steel barrels with oak rods to get the same effect at a lower cost.

Oak barrels are robust and durable

Whisky is generally stored in recovered sherry or bourbon barrels for at least some of its time in storage. American bourbon is, however, always stored in new oak barrels and therefore, the American barrels are sold to makers of other drinks, like whisky.

It's not completely clear why they began using oak, but it's probably because the supply of oak was and is good and stable. It's most likely that they tested their way forward and found that oak had a positive effect on the taste and continued in this track. An oak barrel is also robust and durable. It is not uncommon for a single barrel to be used up to 100 years for storing various drinks.

Oak a popular flooring in Scandinavia

Oak is also the most popular choice of flooring in Scandinavia, regardless of whether one chooses engineered parquet, solid wood or veneer floors. Oak is a kind of wood that is well suited to the Scandinavian style of interior design and can be varied endlessly with various kinds of dyeing and treatments.

Oak is also a kind of wood that is in good supply in our part of the world. In Scandinavia, this is to some extent due to the Swedish king Gustav Vasa. When he lived in the 16th century, oak was the material used in warships. So he ordered large plantings of this kind of wood, which we can be thankful for still today. Oak is a resilient and semipliant wood that is both hard and somewhat heavy. It has long been popular for furniture, for instance, and boats in particular thanks to its properties that mean that it handles exposed environments.

Oak is also a robust and durable kind of wood, which makes it perfect for flooring. Oak parquet's strength combined with Pergo's parquet design and patented surface treatment make it excellent to combine with wine and whisky.

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