Painting a laminate floor? Think again!

18 July 2017

Are you considering painting a laminate floor? If your laminate floor is old and worn, painting will work because the surface coatings on these floors are not as effective as those used on modern floors. But paint doesn’t stick to the new hard laminate surfaces.

If you have an old, worn laminate floor that no longer looks as good as it used to, one option is to paint it. However, if the floor is in a room that has to withstand a lot of wear and tear and moisture, it is a better idea to replace it with a modern laminate floor.

New laminate floors are durable and hard-wearing

New laminate floors are available in a variety of décor layers and shades, with coatings that are resistant to scratches, impact and general wear and tear, and are water-resistant both on the surface and in the joints.

If you swap to a Pergo laminate floor, you will get a hard-wearing floor with the best warranty on the market of up to 33 years. This means you will not need to do anything to it again for a very long time and can thus put what you save on painting towards the somewhat higher initial cost.

Painting a laminate floor

Do you still want to paint? In that case, talk to the staff in a paint shop so that you know you are buying the right type of paint for the condition of the floor and the room. Start by cleaning the floor thoroughly with sugar soap and do a test coat on a small surface to check if the paint sticks properly.

When you start painting, remember to begin at the back of the room and paint towards an exit so you don’t paint yourself into a corner.

  • Older laminate floors can be painted, but not modern ones with hard coatings
  • New laminate floors are available in a variety of shades and décor layers
  • Buy the right type of paint for the floor and prepare carefully before you start painting a laminate floor

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