Painting a plastic floor? Think again!

Painting a plastic floor? Think again!

Are you tempted to paint the old plastic floor that has been in your kitchen since the beginning of time? It is possible, but requires careful preparation, so perhaps you should consider getting a new, modern vinyl floor instead.

Old plastic flooring contains phthalates

In order to paint a plastic floor, you first have to clean it with degreaser to remove the plasticisers from the flooring. These plasticisers, also known as phthalates, are found in old plastic flooring. They will make the paint used on the floor peel and flake off soon after application. They have also proven to be a cause of endocrine disorders and cancer in animals, so the use of phthalates in the manufacture of toys and other children's items has now been banned. Pergo vinyl flooring is completely phthalate-free, so it may be a better idea to remove the old plastic floor and replace it with a new one made of vinyl.

Instead of painting your old plastic floor, replace it with vinyl

Our vinyl flooring is exceptionally hard-wearing as well as being waterproof and hygienic. You can choose from a variety of décor layers, and thanks to our patented PerfectFold™ V click system, it is easy to lay the floor yourself without any specialist skills or tools.

Make thorough preparations before painting

If you still want to paint over old plastic, remember to prepare carefully by washing the floor with sugar soap or degreaser, and sand and vacuum carefully to make the surface perfectly smooth. When you start painting, mix the first coat with white spirit for the best possible adhesion. Once it is completely dry, at least two more coats are required.

  • Instead of painting plastic flooring, you can replace it with vinyl
  • Pergo vinyl flooring is phthalate-free
  • Painting a plastic floor requires careful preparation
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