Painting a wood floor? Think again!

Painting a wood floor? Think again!

Do you have an old, worn wood floor that you want to freshen up with paint? It is all very well to paint a wood floor, but finished floors are also available in various shades if you want to make things simpler for yourself.

Paint a wood floor or replace it?

Before you decide, you need to think about how much wear and tear and moisture your floor is exposed to. If the floor is in a room which has to withstand a lot of stress, you should carefully consider whether it would be better to replace it with a new one that is already in the shade you want and is treated with a durable coating.

Finished floors in different shades

Wood parquet flooring is available in various types of wood and colour tones, and both laminate and vinyl flooring are offered in wood décor layers with different shades, light as well as dark. This flooring is extremely impact and scratch-resistant and lasts a long time. Laminate and vinyl flooring are also moisture-resistant and easy to clean and lay yourself thanks to our patented click system.

If your old floor is flat and even, you can also lay a new laminate or vinyl floor on top of it without having to tear up the floor.

Painting wood or parquet floors

However, if you have decided to paint your floor, talk to an expert to make sure you get the type of paint that is best for the condition of your floor. You can paint parquet and solid wood floors as long as you prepare the floor carefully.

Start by washing it carefully with sugar soap and sand it first using coarse and then fine sandpaper so that the new paint sticks properly. After that it’s time to start painting.

Use primer first and let it dry properly before you start painting with your chosen paint. Above all, remember not to paint yourself into a corner – plan your painting carefully so you can get out of the room with dry shoes!

  • Think about how much wear and tear and moisture your floor will have to withstand
  • If your floor needs to be hard-wearing, it is better to replace it than to paint it
  • Buy the right type of paint for your floor and prepare carefully beforehand
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