Pine flooring that lasts

Pine flooring that lasts

For a long time, Scandinavian design has featured pine elements in walls, ceilings and furniture – but pine doesn't work particularly well in flooring. Solid pine flooring is too soft and thus easily damaged, and it also attracts dust – but there are other options for those who still want a pine floor.

Laminate pine flooring

Pine laminate gives you the beautiful look of pine combined with the superior resistance of laminate to wear and tear, scratches and impact. The surface layer also makes the floor moisture-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean.

Laminate boards have a perfect, natural look and to further accentuate the feeling of real wood, pine laminate is available with several different textures on the boards. We have everything from a silky surface to a roughly trimmed texture which can have a cracked, knotted or aged effect.

You can easily lay our laminate flooring yourself without high-tech equipment or tools.

Vinyl pine flooring

If you need even more durable flooring but still want the rustic appearance of pine, you should invest in vinyl flooring with a pine décor layer. Pergo’s Modern plank décor layers have a natural texture which recreates nature in the smallest detail. They have finely tuned shades, high contrast and variations between the different planks – details that make a huge difference.

Our vinyl flooring is waterproof and easy to clean. It is stable and hard-wearing.

Just like laminate flooring, vinyl flooring is easy to lay by yourself thanks to our patented click system.


  • Pine flooring is too soft and easily damaged.
  • Both laminate and vinyl flooring are available with pine décor layers.
  • Laminate and vinyl are hard-wearing and easy to lay yourself.
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