Plastic flooring – The ultimate kitchen flooring

Plastic flooring – the ultimate kitchen flooring

Have you ever been to a party, sat in the living room and wondered where everyone has gone? The answer is the kitchen. It’s where everyone gathers, and there may be a simple explanation for this. The kitchen is often called the heart of the home: we spend hours here cooking, eating meals with our families and enjoying gatherings with friends and relatives on ordinary weekdays and at parties. What could be better than choosing a kitchen floor that is both attractive and gentle on the feet? Plastic flooring is the ultimate choice for your kitchen.

Quiet and soft plastic flooring for your kitchen

Pergo plastic flooring is called vinyl flooring and is made of soft vinyl material that is comfortable to stand on. It also reduces impact sound, which creates a more pleasant environment.

Durable, easy to clean and moisture-resistant

The kitchen sees plenty of spillage, the use of sharp tools, and dropped china and glass – so a durable floor that is easy to clean is a must.

The TitanV™ surface layer protects against scratches, impact and wear and tear, and is dirt-repellent so that dirt cannot penetrate the surface and cause bacterial growth. The click system means it is easy to lay the floor yourself and the joints are so tight that neither dirt nor moisture can penetrate them.

Phthalate-free and fire-proof

Our vinyl flooring is entirely phthalate-free and extremely fire-proof: perfect for cooking as well as parties.

Variety of décor layers

You don’t have to compromise on appearance. Pergo vinyl flooring is available in many different décor layers which reflect nature in the smallest detail. Different types of wood, stone, slate or concrete looks are available.

To make your kitchen floor even more trouble-free, you always get at least 20 years’ warranty on your floor.


  • Vinyl flooring is quiet and comfortable to walk and stand on
  • The flooring is resistant to scratches, impact and wear and tear
  • Vinyl flooring is dirt-repellent and water-resistant
  • You can choose between many different looks for your plastic flooring in the kitchen
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