Quality parquet flooring – what you need to know

Quality parquet flooring – what you need to know

Quality parquet flooring from Pergo

If you want a quality parquet floor, we are here to help you. Pergo manufactures parquet flooring made of engineered hardwood. This means that the flooring consists of three layers of wood which are joined at right angles, adding extra impact resistance, balance and stability. Because wood is a living material that is affected by temperature and humidity, wood flooring can shrink when it is warm and dry and swell when it is cold and damp. However, when the floor is constructed from several layers in which the wood fibres run in different directions, this restricts the movements in the wood, resulting in a more stable floor.

Environmental policy at all stages

We have an environmental policy that covers everything from the choice of raw materials and production processes to transport and packaging. Our products are made from 80% waste products from the forestry industry, and we only use renewable types of wood such as pine and spruce and never any threatened rainforest species.

The structure of parquet flooring

The different layers are constructed as follows:

– The bottom layer is made from certified wood and provides the floor with perfect balance.

– On top of this is an advanced body that absorbs impact and stress and guarantees stability in any conditions. The body is made from spruce, pine or HDF.

– The top material is a wear layer, which is a carefully selected layer of wood that can be sanded two or three times. This wood comes from sustainable European sources of oak and ash.

The surface layer is treated with seven layers of UV-cured, water-based varnish or high-quality oil, giving the floor maximum protection and making it easier to clean. All our protective varnishes and oils meet strict international environmental standards.

Easy-to-lay, quality parquet flooring

You’ll also find it easy to lay our parquet flooring yourself thanks to our patented PerfectFold™ 3.0 click system.


  • Pergo parquet flooring consists of three layers which add stability to the floor
  • Our environmental policy covers all stages in production
  • All the wood in our flooring comes from sustainable sources
  • You can easily lay Pergo parquet flooring yourself
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