Retro or modern?

Retro or modern?

There’s a reason design classics never go out of style – it’s so easy to keep them contemporary

»White is everywhere in our homes today, so I feel that bringing colourful wood tones into the mix is very liberating. It adds warmth and a lot of stylishness. And again, just because it is not new, doesn’t mean it cannot be modern.

If you should be so lucky to find a bookcase like this, I’d say »Go for it«. The size is impressive in itself, and the design and rich colour really changes the impression of the whole room. And of course, if you already have one, don’t get rid of it, whatever you do. To keep your home fresh and modern the key is not to replace everything, but to find the right parts to update.

When it comes to classic furniture it’s all about what you do with it, or put in it. Add contemporary works in ceramics, books, gadgets, glass sculptures or whatever you fancy to make it your own and make your design classics state of the art again.«

Everything is OK!

»I think that sometimes we are too respectful when it comes to interior design. What we think of as »classic« is not confined to being retro. Teak and jacaranda may be staples of Scandinavian design history, but it’s all about what we do with it. 

I love contrasts. Instead of choosing combinations that go hand-in-hand, look for something that will become an exciting contrast. Like mixing a floor with a light wood look with colourful teak furniture. It adds a fresh feeling to the room, and allows for the furniture to stand out even more.«

Åsa Dyberg
interior architect, designer and stylist

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