Convert your home to a Scandinavian source of light

10 October 2015

Scandinavian design is renowned the world over and has been around as a concept since the 1950s. The style has its roots in modernism and the Nordic soul. The inspiration comes from nature and the Nordic climate. The Scandinavian interior design style makes even dark winter days light.

Functionally simple in a stylish manner

Scandinavian design is known for its simplicity, minimalism and functionality. It is a timeless style that makes people the focal point. It was originally a style meant to suit everyone and every budget. Today, the style is divided into two fields: the industrial design with high quality that should be for everyone – meaning something to be found at the large furniture stores. The other field is calls Scandinavian luxury and comprises more expensive products with a focus on craftsmanship and materials expertise.

The light should be given space

If you intend to have Scandinavian design, you should think light and nature. The more light sources you have, the better. If you lack a natural source of light, you can work with different kinds of lighting to achieve the right feeling.

Both walls and floor should be in light colours or white. Pergo, which has its roots in Sweden has always had a broad range of flooring that is perfectly suited to Scandinavian design. Furniture and fittings should preferably be made of natural materials like wood, leather, metal, glass and stone.

Scandinavian design

To create an airy feeling with space, you should think about furnishing sparsely. Scandinavian design is not about excess and decorations, but rather functionality, aesthetics and ecology. A simple beginning to approach the style is to remove all unnecessary items that you don't actually have to have out. Think "less is more".

The feeling of a bright room also comes from the choice of textiles. Make the bed with bright linens, put on a light bedspread and hang up light curtains. Use basic colours in subdued earthy tones like white, beige, moss green, light brown and light blue. Feel free to use linen, but a beautiful sheep skin can also come into the Scandinavian home.

Let yourself be inspired by interior pictures.

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