Pergo Sensation: water resistance meets drop-down installation

Pergo Sensation: water resistance meets drop-down installation

Pergo introduces another innovation in the world of laminate flooring with its brand-new Sensation range. Combining exclusive, natural designs with Pergo’s trademark durability, Sensation laminate couples a fully-closed, waterproof surface with an enhanced PerfectFold™ drop-down system that enables quick and easy installation.

"Our goal was to introduce a high-performance, water-resistant laminate floor with a drop-down system for easy installation"

Durability, beauty and ease of use: these are the three characteristics that lie at the core of the new Pergo Sensation laminate range. “Our goal was to introduce a high-performance, water-resistant laminate floor with a drop-down system for easy installation”, comments Laurent Meersseman, R&D director at UNILIN. “Sensation is another step forward for laminate flooring.”

Impermeable quality

UNILIN’s R&D team has spared no effort to make Pergo Sensation as water resistant as possible. While a laminate surface is water repellent in itself, the joints are often not. Sensation solves this problem in two ways: first, by pressing the bevel into the plank already during production — instead of adding it afterwards; and, secondly, by adding a waterproof AquaSafe coating in the joint making the joint completely water tight.

Because the bevel is pressed down during production, the multilayer TitanX™ surface protection covers the bevels as well. This ensures a fully-closed surface and protects the floor not only against water, but also against impact, scratches, and everyday wear and tear. This makes Sensation the ideal flooring solution for highly trafficked areas. Sensation is available in two qualities, class 32 and class 33.

‘Sensational’ authenticity Pergo Sensation laminate isn’t just about performance. A lot of attention has gone into creating ten unique designs that are truly ‘sensational’ in terms of authenticity. For example, the colour and texture of every design cover all parts of the plank, including the bevels between the floor boards, resulting in an unprecedented natural look. In addition, the planks feature deep, true-to-nature textures and an exclusive, matte finish. Oke Nollet, Design Director: “Details such as these truly improve the authentic look and give your floor a true-to-nature look.”

Scandinavian design, with pine as the preferred wood species, remains very popular as well. It’s no coincidence that “brushed white pine” is one of the designs that stands out in the new Sensation collection.

The power of imperfection

For the creation of the 10 Sensation designs, we drew inspiration from trends in architecture (with materials like oxid and concrete) and fashion (in the colour palette). “One trend we highly focused on is bringing outside inside and vice versa”, Nollet explains. “Wood is used on the façade, while concrete and raw bricks have made their way into the home interior. As our lives are accelerating, we want to stay in touch with nature at home as well: hence the use of botanical prints, warm colours and lots of plants in our interiors. These influences formed the basis for our “Manor oak” and “coastal oak” designs.”

Another trend that also left a mark on the Pergo Sensation collection is the link between perfection and imperfection. Nollet: “Today, perfect and imperfect go hand in hand: a dinner jacket with a worn-out jeans, an industrial building with a minimalist sofa … For floors, a used, weathered look — with worm holes, cracks, knots etc. — gives it a specific character: it expresses imperfection, and makes us curious to know its story. Prime examples of this from the new collection are our “Scraped vintage oak” and “urban grey oak” designs.”

Fast and easy installation

Besides offering high durability, Pergo flooring products also have an excellent reputation when it comes to ease of use. Sensation is no different. The PerfectFold™ 3.0 drop-down system enables users to click the planks together in no time using three different methods, including horizontal insertion. As a result, laying these floors is easier than ever, even in places where it is difficult or impossible to tilt the planks, i.e. underneath door frames or radiators. With PerfectFold™, there is no risk of damaging the planks during installation either.

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