Engineered wood vs solid wood flooring

Nothing beats the warmth, elegance and natural feel of wood flooring. If you want to lay wood flooring, you can choose between solid wood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring – but what is the difference? It is almost impossible to see with the naked eye, but there are differences beneath the surface.

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What's the difference between solid and engineered wood floors?

pergo wood parquet stability


Pergo wood floors consist of 3 layers instead of 1 single layer. This makes them less vulnerable to swelling or shrinking.

pergo wood parquet stayclean protection


Solid wood floors are installed in 3 steps: installation, sanding and finally protective treatment with oil, varnish or wax. Pergo engineered wood floors are already protected with lacquer or oil and don't require extra treatment after installation. They are immediately ready for use.

On top of that, all lacquered Pergo wood floors are extra resistant to liquids and spills, which prevents the floor from discolouring. StayClean makes your wood floor stay young!

pergo wood parquet installation


Traditional tongue and groove installation is time consuming and at times frustrating. Most solid wood floors also require a glue-down installation. Thanks to the PerfectFold click system, Pergo wood parquet floors are easy to install yourself. Both floating and glue-down installation is possible.

pergo wood parquet maintenance


Thanks to StayClean, Pergo Wood Parquet is easy to maintain with a simple cleaning kit, while solid wood floors require regular waxing and oiling.