Stylish laminate flooring – like you’ve never seen before

Stylish laminate flooring – like you’ve never seen before

It was Pergo that invented laminate flooring and we haven’t just stopped at that: we continue to drive development forwards. If you want hard-wearing and stylish laminate flooring, contact your Pergo dealer.

All décor layers on our laminate flooring are authentic and reflect nature in the smallest detail. If you look beneath the surface, the flooring is developed using smart technology, which makes it even more sophisticated. You can always rely on Pergo laminate flooring to be hard-wearing, durable and hygienic and have the best warranty on the market, so now we can talk about how it looks!

Many laminate flooring varieties

Firstly, you can choose from a variety of décor layers: different types of wood, various kinds of stone, tiles or concrete. But that is not all: the flooring is also available in different plank sizes, with a variety of surfaces and bevelled edges.

Stylish laminate flooring with various plank sizes

A variety of plank sizes allows you to change the feel of a room. The room can appear narrower, wider, longer, darker or lighter, depending on whether you choose “long plank”, various widths of slabs or floor tiles.

Bevels, surfaces and gloss levels enhance the authentic feel

Bevelled edges enhance the feeling of real planks or tiles. There are also nine different surface textures and four gloss levels to choose from, so you get a stylish laminate floor with a feel that is as authentic as it looks.

A laminate floor with a wood décor layer and a surface texture with realistic cracks and wood grain give you the feel of a wood floor with the durability and water-resistance of laminate flooring.


  • Pergo laminate flooring is stylish and hard-wearing
  • The décor layers reflect natural materials
  • Laminate planks are available in different sizes
  • Surfaces, bevels and gloss levels create an authentic feel
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