Stylish plastic flooring – vinyl flooring like you’ve never seen before

Stylish plastic flooring – vinyl flooring like you’ve never seen before

Plastic flooring: for those of us who grew up in the 70s, this concept sounds rather dull and outdated. But it's time to think again: plastic flooring has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to the modern vinyl floors which make plastic flooring stylish.

The patchy, sun-bleached plastic flooring that many of us grew up with can now become a distant memory even if we want a plastic floor. Pergo’s design department keeps a watchful eye on global interior design trends and constantly creates new décor layers.

Stylish plastic flooring with wood décor layers

For a long time, wood has been the most popular flooring choice, and Pergo's vinyl floors are faithful imitations of authentic wood flooring at a lower price and with less maintenance than real wood floors. The décor layers are available as many different types of wood and also with a variety of effects. Thanks to our patented technology and vinyl with the same high durability throughout, a unique V bevel is created, which is deeper and more distinct than in any other vinyl flooring. The colour of the bevels can also be changed according to the design: a lighter bevel creates a softer appearance and a darker one gives a more rustic and aged feel. A matt or glossy finish can also give your stylish plastic floor the look you want.

Natural and industrial styles

Other natural materials are also popular, such as stone and leather, as well as industrial materials like cement and concrete.

Practical flooring

All Pergo vinyl flooring is also durable, hard-wearing, and easy to lay yourself. Wood imitation flooring is only available as planks, but flooring with stone décor layers is manufactured as vinyl tiles.

  • Vinyl flooring is modern and makes plastic flooring stylish
  • Wood décor flooring has been popular for a long time
  • Vinyl flooring is also available with stone, cement and concrete décor layers
  • The flooring is hard-wearing, durable and easy to lay yourself
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