Surfaces and textures – an overview of beautiful floors

09 July 2017

Sometimes it’s actually the surface that counts. There are plenty of beautiful floors, but Pergo floors go one step further – they not only have attractive décor layers, but also a wide variety of surface textures and gloss levels which give the floor an added dimension.

Beautiful laminate flooring with various textures

Many people think that laminate floors are smooth, shiny wood imitations, but nowadays they can be so much more. Pergo laminate flooring is available with a variety of wood décor layers, as well as in seven different surface textures that enhance the authentic appearance of the floor. Some examples are Genuine Wood, which has a lightly polished texture that follows the wood grain; Genuine Rustic, which has an old-fashioned feel with a roughly cut texture containing cracks and knotted and aged effects; and Genuine Sawcut, which has a realistic wood texture with saw mark effects.

Genuine Stone provides a natural stone feel in its appearance and surface texture.

Vinyl flooring with a natural feel

Pergo vinyl flooring has also given plastic flooring a whole new meaning. Vinyl is such a versatile material that there are no limits to what a vinyl floor can look like. The décor layers and textures in the vinyl range are inspired by the natural feel of wood, leather and rough concrete. Vinyl flooring consists of planks, and the sides of the planks can be bevelled in different ways to create an even more authentic look. The colour of the bevels can also be changed, for example, darker bevels give a more rustic, aged feel, while lighter bevels create a softer appearance.

Wood flooring with different properties and surface coatings

Our wood flooring is, of course, also available in various ranges, depending on plank size, thickness and bevels, where each range can offer beautiful design combined with a variety of properties and surface coatings.

Durable, hard-wearing and beautiful floors

Of course, all our floors are as durable, hard-wearing and water-resistant as Pergo floors always are, regardless of their surface texture.

Pergo Infographic Surfaces and textures

  • Pergo floors are available in different designs, textures and surface coatings
  • Laminate flooring can have different textures that produce various feels and effects
  • Vinyl is such a versatile material that there are no limits to what a vinyl floor can look like
  • Wood flooring is available with different properties and surface coatings
  • All Pergo floors are durable and hard-wearing

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