The best floor covering choice

The best floor covering choice

Floor covering can be many different things, but when you’re looking for one, chances are that you’re looking for a durable and water-resistant surface for your floor. In that case, we have an excellent option for you: vinyl flooring

Floor covering that is scratch-resistant, hygienic and water-resistant

Pergo’s modern version of floor covering – vinyl flooring – has the Titan V™ protective surface layer, which effectively seals the surface of the floor, providing powerful resistance to scratches, impact and dirt. The Moisture Resistance system combines a moisture-resistant core material with a strong, tight click joint, making Pergo’s vinyl floors some of the best water-resistant floors on the market. The sealed surface makes the floor hygienic because dirt cannot penetrate the surface or into the joints. Bacterial growth is reduced and cleaning is easier.

Vinyl flooring is suitable as a floor covering in many different rooms

Vinyl flooring is suitable in rooms that are exposed to a lot of damp and wear and tear, such as halls, kitchens, utility rooms, toilets and bathrooms without floor drains. However, for shower rooms etc. which have floor drains, special regulations for moisture control apply and Pergo’s vinyl flooring is not intended for these types of spaces.

Strong environmental profile

It goes without saying that when our new vinyl flooring was developed, it had to have a strong environmental profile. The manufacturing process is energy efficient and minimises waste, protecting the environment. The floors are phthalate-free, have very low emissions of VOC (organic solvents) and can be recycled. Since they are so easy to clean, you do not need to use chemicals that damage the environment either.

Variety of décor layers

Our vinyl flooring is available with a variety of décor layers: you can get a vinyl floor that looks like slate, concrete, limestone, metal or different types of wood – the choice is yours!

Easy to lay

Pergo’s patented click system makes the floors easy to lay yourself without special tools or previous knowledge.

Choose Pergo’s vinyl flooring instead of a floor covering for a floor that is:


  • Scratch and impact-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean
  • 100% water-resistant
  • Kind to the environment
  • Attractive and available in a variety of décor layers
  • Easy to lay yourself
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