Timber and parquet flooring – differences in maintenance

Timber and parquet flooring – differences in maintenance

How do you maintain your timber or parquet floor?

Timber flooring requires regular care

How you should maintain your timber floor depends on whether it has a protective finish and, if so, what type. But with all wood floors, you must be careful with liquids as well as gravel etc., which can scratch the floor.

Regular floor care is essential to keep the floor in good condition and allow it to age beautifully.

To protect timber flooring, clean it regularly with floor soap, which cleans the floor and coats it with a protective, oily layer. Oiled floors must be treated with oil as required.

Keep the floor clean

Wood floors need frequent vacuuming and should occasionally be mopped with a damp, well wrung-out cloth or mop. To avoid bringing in gravel that scratches the floor, it is a good idea to try to stop dirt at the door by using a proper doormat. Put felt pads on your furniture so that it does not scratch the floor.

If you spill any type of liquid on the floor, it is important to wipe it up quickly so as not to damage the wood.

Pergo parquet flooring is more durable than timber flooring

Pergo wood parquet flooring is significantly tougher than solid timber flooring. The secret lies in the flooring’s advanced design. The flooring consists of several layers of wood that make it stable and impact-resistant, and the surface is treated with seven layers of UV-cured, water-based varnish or high-quality oil. This protects the floor and makes it easier to clean.

Maintenance of parquet flooring

All you need to do to maintain your parquet flooring is to vacuum it often and mop it occasionally with lukewarm water and Pergo’s cleaning product. Oiled floors also need to be treated with maintenance oil about once a month.

However, although parquet flooring is tougher than timber flooring, naturally you must protect it by using a doormat and felt pads, and by cleaning up spills promptly.


  • How to maintain a timber floor depends on what type of protective finish it has
  • Wood floors must be vacuumed frequently and mopped occasionally
  • Timber and parquet flooring must be protected using doormats and felt pads
  • Pergo parquet flooring does not require much maintenance other than ordinary cleaning and occasional oiling
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