Should I choose vinyl or tiles in the kitchen?

Should I choose vinyl or tiles in the kitchen?

Of course, there are many kinds of flooring to choose from for your kitchen. Wood flooring, stone flooring, clinker or vinyl flooring, for instance. Something you can think about is that you probably want to have a floor that lasts year after year, spill after spill and mess after mess.

Kitchen flooring should last the life of mess and stickiness

How ever particular and pedantic you are when preparing food, you can be certain that something wet will always end up on the floor. Accidents happen so easily – as one usually says. Just look at the cupboard doors adjacent to the dishwasher or sink. After just a few years, you can see clear traces of the impact of the spilling. Stains that don't go away, paint that has chipped and in the worst case doors that have begun to swell.

If you are struck by a leaking dishwasher with a water barrier that has not been adequate, you can call the floor layer right away to replace your beautiful wood floor. Regardless of how good your floor is, it will rarely withstand water that has been allowed to run free for a long time.

Choose the right flooring for the right place

Many have not yet understood that the vinyl floor has made a stellar comeback as an alternative. With their natural patterns and décors, it can be hard to distinguish between vinyl flooring, wood flooring and laminate flooring. There are also vinyl floors that are strikingly like both slate and concrete – but are not anywhere near as heavy, expensive or hard. The difference between dropping a glass on a stone floor or a vinyl floor is also noticeable. Another equally good alternative is laminate flooring, which has the same good characteristics, and is also available in stone or concrete-like appearances.

Vinyl is a floor that withstands water and lasts a long time

Clinker and tiles are also good kitchen alternatives that withstand water and last a long time. These alternatives are also – just like vinyl – excellent for floor heating. Like the slate floor, clinker is significantly harder than vinyl and does not give the same warm feeling. Nowadays, clinker is also strongly associated with bathrooms. The terracotta coloured clinker that we so often saw a few decades ago is not as popular now as then. The vinyl floor can, however, be combined with many styles and therefore provides many options at the same time that it withstands the kitchen's messes.

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