Walnut flooring – For those who want a vibrant floor in dark shades

walnut flooring for those who want a vibrant floor in dark shades

A walnut wood floor can give a room a totally new look thanks to its natural, vibrant wood pattern. Combined with white walls or furniture, it creates a wonderful contrasting effect.

The big differences in wood hues are caused by the fact that the core is light brown to dark chocolate brown, while the surface is creamy white. The grains are usually straight but can also be wavy, which gives the wood an interesting variation.

Different walnut varieties

Walnut grows primarily in Europe and the US, and the American variety is darker brown and more even in colour than the European one. There is also a Peruvian variety that is so dark that it is almost black.

The dark brown core fades over time – after only a few years it develops more of a golden brown or grey tone. Sunlight accelerates the fading process, so you can clearly see where furniture or rugs have been placed if you move them.

Preserve the colour with laminate walnut flooring

One way to preserve the beautiful colour and avoid fading is to choose laminate walnut flooring instead of walnut flooring. Pergo offers laminate walnut flooring in a classic board format with a beautiful, realistic wood texture, which is further accentuated by the satin finish.

Lower price, higher resistance to wear and tear

A laminate floor is usually less pricey than an expensive wood floor in walnut. Pergo laminate flooring is also very hard-wearing, resistant to wear and tear, and easy to lay yourself.


  • Walnut flooring has beautiful colour variations
  • Walnut fades over time
  • Choose walnut laminate for durability of colour and surface
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