What does it cost to lay a floor?

What does it cost to lay a floor?

When you are thinking about laying a new floor, a big question probably crops up: what does it cost to lay a floor?

It is difficult to give a simple answer to this question because it depends on several different factors, of which the two main ones are the choice of material and the installation method.

Materials are a large part of the cost

The choices are almost endless: timber flooring, parquet, laminate, vinyl, natural stone, concrete, tiles, cork, bamboo, plastic, linoleum, cement, fitted carpet etc. Each material also differs in cost, depending on the quality, size of the floor tiles and type. Type? Yes, for example what we often refer to as plastic flooring is available as plastic mats, vinyl planks with a click system, linoleum tiles etc. It is hard to name a price until you have chosen exactly what you want.

Installation method affects the cost of laying a floor

You can install some floors yourself, even without previous experience, but others require a professional.

The floors you can usually lay yourself using certain tools are laminate and vinyl, while solid wood floors, tiles, cement etc. require a floor-layer. Here, you can either pay by the hour, by square metre of flooring or ask for a fixed price for the whole job.


Some floors, such as wood flooring, require ongoing maintenance, while others, such as laminate, only need regular cleaning. It is also a good idea to consider this when choosing flooring and calculating the cost over time.

Do you want to avoid having cold feet when walking on your floor? Then you also need to check which types of floors are most suitable for underfloor heating.

Quality is worth it

It can be tempting to choose the cheapest option, but paying slightly more for better quality is usually worth it in the long term. Higher quality gives your flooring a longer service life thanks to greater durability, moisture resistance and better compatibility with underfloor heating, for example.


  • The cost of laying a floor mainly depends on the choice of material and how the floor is installed.
  • Consider whether the floor requires ongoing maintenance when calculating costs.
  • It is better to choose a quality floor than the cheapest option; it is worth it in the long term!
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